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Outsourcing Advisory Services For Banks

LSE (Rental Services) For bank and FinTech’s

Business transformation and sustainability services for Wealth Management clients

Project Lean Six Sigma For Banks

How to improve
Cost to Income Ratio ?

CIR remains as one of the most fundamental KPI.

It generally indicates directly how good an institution is in adapting to the challenging settings within the industry which give a competitive advantage.

How are banks able to improve their incomes and reduce their expenses at the same time?

Change the Target Operating Model (TOM)

Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The price model more than price level

Reducing infrastructure usage & cost by moving to the cloud

Client & products portfolio rationalisation and personalisation

End to End process digitalization and streamline IT landscape

Proof Of Concept before committing

Repeatability & scalability of the business model

Do you have a Business Process Review project in mind ?

Outsourcing Advisory Services For Banks

what are your issues
How and where should your business strategy include sourcing?
Is the selected sourcing solution aligned with your digital strategy and current and up-coming regulatory directives?
Which sourcing providers are best suited for your needs?
Are the provider capabilities and IT technologies appropriate to support increasing complexity of the financial business?
How can you ensure that the best offer wins?
Are the expected benefits, risks and costs of your sourcing solution well defined?
How do you get best value for money?
How do costs and services of your provider(s) compared to other players and best-sourcing practices?
How can you ensure that the project is delivered on time, on budget and on quality?
Are the appropriate skills and expertise available in order to define and negotiate the sourcing contracts and manage the entire life cycle of the sourcing transformation project?
Are you and your provider(s) compliant with the relevant FINMA regulations?

Outsourcing Advisory Services For Banks

How can we help?

Support implementation and post go-live phases with IT, business and organizational expertise

Perform a “Health Check” on the current operating model

Identify the proper scope of services to be delivered by your sourcing provider(s)

Support your decision-making process by providing several viable options in line with best market practices

Work out an optimal governance structure

Assess your compliance with FINMA regulations related to outsourcing

Share industry best industry practices regarding outsourcing in the Swiss financial sector to reduce your risks

Develop your sourcing strategy and execution plan

Build an opportunity case that captures both quantitative and qualitative information