We exist since 2003

We are a Swiss Consulting firm established in Geneva, Zurich and Zug.

We are niche player

Originally anchored in the finance industry in Switzerland, SCS has overtime developed an extensive expertise in: “Operational Excellence As a Service”.

SCS Consulting proven approach

We are able to conduct quick checks within your bank and analyze hypothesis on future cost reduction and improve bank processes and make them more efficient at the same time.

We have also a proven experience in advisory outsourcing services.

We share our success with our client

SCS doesn’t just  assess but we deliver. Furthermore, we don’t have an obligation of means but an obligation of results. As well we are success fees driven thanks to an entrepreneurial approach with our clients.

Our Experience

Since 2003 SCS is trusted by some of the most prestigious Swiss companies with process engineering and with the transformation of their businesses, implementing powerful and adaptable digital solutions.

Our Mission

To understand your unique requirements, to assess your current state and to develop a desired future state optimizing your core processes with the most adapted IT solutions.

Our Values

  • Ever professional, ethical and confidential
  • People at the heart of our business
  • Diversity as a strength
  • Always learning and moving forward


One of our key differentiated factors is our unique Entrepreneurial Business Approach

We share the success with our clients‘ based on clear KPIs defined at the very beginning of decision process

We are success fee driven

We use our broad project experience along with best practices

We are using our well-known network to get the best experts in the market and best result for our clients

SCS is strictly following the
ISO/IEC 25010 software product quality standard.

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