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Process Engineering Solution Implementations


Since 2003 SCS has been present on the Swiss market to provide its expertise in Operational Consulting.

Our Mission

Bring a new perspective to you on Business Process Excellence.

Our Values

  • People are the key to our business
  • Diversity is a source of strength
  • Simplicity, because “Less is More”
  • Moving forward

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WE Digitize your workflow

Process Engineering & Solution Implementations

We listen to your requirements, we analyse and review all your processes,
we suggest the best solutions, we customize the right tools for you and we ‘ll be there to support.
Geneva Office

Human Size

Everyone here knows everyone. We are committed to build a strong team spirit. It is together, by involving each of our employees that we will be able to give the best of ourselves.

Strong Partnerships

SCS Consulting Solutions has been able to surround itself with key partners to create opportunities, access new technologies, demonstrate flexibility and conquer new markets.


In Process Engineering & Solution Implementations, communication plan must be an part of the change plan and address the questions of how, what, when and why from people’ s point of view.

Both local and international

We are well-established in Switzerland (Zug, Thalwil, Geneva). Also we do our best to source locally and internationally and attract the best. Only quality matters.

Trusted Expert Consultants

We have specialists to evaluate your processes – Business Process Engineering, Lean Six Sigma and implement the right tools – ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, Avaloq, Appway

Personal development

We are encouraging our employees to train, learn, grow and transmit to others as well. In this way we create a virtuous circle that benefits everyone.

Process Engineering Solution Implementations

We have job opportunities for you !

You need rewarding missions ?

You are looking for professional strenght?

You have technical skills to share with us?

Conviviality, innovation, progress are key values to you ?

Process Engineering Solution Implementations

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  • Address: 2 route de Malagnou, 1208 Geneva
  • Phone: +41 (0)22 300 08 18
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  • Address: Aegeristrasse 27 6300 Zug
  • Phone: +41 (0)22 300 08 18
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  • Adress: Gotthardstrasse 23, 8800 Thalwil
  • Phone: +41 (0)22 300 08 18
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